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Risk is a fact of life and we are exposed to risk as we drive, walk, travel, do business, and nearlyeverywhere. Issues such as diseases, car accidents, lawsuits, sudden layoffs, poor performance, project failure, stock fluctuations, floods, and earthquakes are all dealt with by people and companies in a variety of different ways to eliminate, reduce, or mitigate their unfavorable impacts. Alternatively, we always try to capture opportunities and capitalize on positive outcomes.


This course is aimed at providing an overview of risk and uncertainty and how decisions are influenced in various industries. It addresses risk processes from identification to assessment and controls. Decision analysis techniques under uncertainty and the use of probability techniques are also emphasized in this course. Risk oversight and exposure, types of risks, various types of risks, and positive and negative risk events are also discussed.


This workshop will address the practical aspects of risk implementation and will enable participants to link theories and standards with the real world through actual cases and hands-on practices. Modern risk practices will be featured in terms of dealing with Agile projects and the VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity) principles. Besides, the success of this workshop will depend on the dynamic engagement and active interaction with all participants.

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