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Hydrogen Essentials


Hydrogen has long been proposed as an energy vector and the vision of a hydrogen economy in which the gas is traded in much the same way as electricity between producer and consumer. With world-wide attention focused on decarbonising industry

Course Overview:

Finally, in addition to providing a state-of-the-art perspective on the technologies involved in the hydrogen value chain, the workshop will provide a methodology for building the business case for hydrogen.

Main Learning Objectives and Benefits

  • An overview of generating, storing and transporting hydrogen
  • Applications for hydrogen
  • The economics of commercialisation
  • Commercial opportunities and challenges
  • Technical issues of safety and compliance
  • The role of R&D
  • Principles, components, systems and leading types of fuel cells, with     a  focus on PEM fuel cells
  • Current activity in Australia and elsewhere
  • Latest research outcomes for fuel cell systems and hydrogen   generation

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